Showers of Blessing Part Two

As most of  you know, I’ve committed to posting a blog post every day for a year.  Most of the time this is easy.  Sometimes it’s a stretch.  And sometimes it’s not possible.  Out of 86 days I’ve posted 84 blog posts.  I’ve missed twice.  There was one Friday Post that Josh told me later was so bad I would have been better off missing a day than posting. I decided to learn from my mistake and did end up missing those other two days because of being too busy actually LIVING life, not blogging about it. So, in the interest of needing to fulfill my goal or commitment or what-have-you to 365 blog posts in one year, here is a second post for today.

I have time for this tonight because
a. Rick is exhausted and happily dozing to a movie
b. my laundry is done
c. well, not DONE, but washed and dried and sitting on the guest bed waiting to be folded
d. that’s pretty much done in my book
e. there’s nothing on TV tonight
f. I have a few little thoughts rumbling around in my pretty little head
g. and here they are:

On parenting:
No matter how old your children are (or how old YOU are, for that matter) it still breaks your heart when they are hurting. And even if I think one must endure what they are going through and there is nothing I can do to make it better, it completely rips my heart out. Our natural bent as mothers is to desire to see our children happy and healthy and whole.

No matter how old your children are (or how old YOU are, for that matter) your heart could burst and break through your chest wall for joy and gladness when they are pursuing their dreams, when they are successful, when they are in love, when they are happy. I think this might be called pride and I think it’s the good kind.

No matter how old your children are (or how old YOU are, for that matter) whether their hearts are broken or their hearts are soaring, your children continually keep you on your knees…

…entrusting them to the One who created them,
who knows them better than I do, better than they do,
entrusting them to the One who loves them more than their Dad and I ever possibly could,
to the One who gave Himself for them and knows their future.

On Integrity:
I think of integrity and what it means when I begin to encounter people and situations that present themselves to me in a way they wish me to view them, but which are not actually, in fact, the way they are.

The real deal is always going to win in the end.
Bill Hybels

A building has integrity just like a man. And just as seldom.
Ayn Rand

If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.
Alan K. Simpson

Someone else said, and it might have been Bill Hybels:
Integrity is who you are when no one is looking.

I also think of integrity when I encounter a person or situation that is in fact exactly what they appear to be.

Like my husband.


Speaking of my husband, I wonder if his movie is over and I can quietly tip-toe in and cover him up say to goodnight.


One thought on “Showers of Blessing Part Two

  1. the posting every day is a challenge sometimes. but a good challenge. I love that you are a mom like my mom. the kind that is a best friend when needed and mom when needed…

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