Showers of Blessings

On Saturday Hannah and I drove to Blaine to Josh’s Abby’s parent’s  house for her first bridal shower.  What?  Early?  Yes.  A little.  But several of her college friends were up from California, so totally appropriate.  And totally fun.



They had a craft going, little flags to decorate that Abby will hang at her wedding:



Hannah clued me in that this is called ‘Bunting’ and very trendy right now.


the idea kind of reminds me of the Tibetan prayer flags Josh brought home.


The drink of the event was a lovely grapefruit juice/champagne, bourbon concoction that was so refreshing and oh, so good!  Can I please have the recipe?  Thanks.



Abby’s friends were all so lovely and charming



One of these girls in this picture hopped up and hugged me when Abby introduced us.  She is a blog stalker.  MY blog stalker!  And she said she knows more about me than she should!  And,  of course, I was completely flattered and got a puffy head.


Flowers and candles, and everything feminine.  So lovely.



And Josh’s Abby was adorable in a little yellow tunic dress with her hair pulled back and completely loving every minute of the fun, the friends, the attention, and the gifts.


Such love.

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