Parental Guidance Suggested

This is the third year in a row this Robin has come to our house and tried to mate with the bird in the mirror of our cars. The first two years it was just the Durango. This year he is trying both mirrors on both cars.

This bird is making us CRAZY.
His name is Earl.

And I’m not saying how, and please don’t judge us, but we have a plan,

And Earl has to die.


2 thoughts on “Parental Guidance Suggested

  1. Perhaps you would like to bring YOUR Earl out here to our place in Everson. He could join OUR Earl who has been trying to mate with his reflection in one of our great room windows for SIX years! Perhaps by observing each other, they could see the ridiculousness of it all.

    BTW, have you tried taping paper to your mirrors. If our windows weren’t so dog gone high, we would have used this approach. If they can’t see their reflection, they will look elsewhere for an attractive mate.

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