Twenty-Six Years Ago Tonight…

…it was still just Rick and I.

just a couple.  the two of us.

me and him and him and me.

we were still staying up too late, running to a burger joint at 9:00 p.m…just cuz we had a hankerin’.

dropping everything and on a whim driving to Portland or Seattle for the weekend.

long weekends of sleeping in til noon, or at least staying in bed til noon if we felt like it.

eating whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

blissfully unaware just how drastically our world would change in the next 24 hours.

blissfully unaware of the dangers around every corner.

oblivious to the heights the human spirit could actually soar.

clueless to the fact that in 24 hours words like fear, joy, terror, exhaustion, elation, and hope would all  have completely new definitions.

that a boy would be born and he would change our lives forever.




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