More Favorite Phone Apps

I’ve come across a couple new (to me, at least) phone applications that I really like and thought I’d share them here:

Easy Phone Tunes:

I just downloaded this and set it up between my phone and computer and totally love it. Of course my phone’s sound isn’t like an iPod, but it will be great to finally listen to my favorite music while out running and walking. I like this one so much I even paid for the upgrade ($2.99) after trying it out. If you have an android phone this could be a great addition to your apps!

Little Photo
My new favorite camera app. I might even like it more than Retro Camera. So many things you can do with it. Here’s a couple examples:


little photo edit


little photo edit


little photo edit


little photo edit


little photo

Needless to say, this little photo app is totally addicting.

Words With Friends:
I’m not a big gamer. Sure, I went through my Angry Birds phase just like everyone else, but even though I keep updating it, I’ve lost interest. But Words With Friends is totally addicting and can be played against users of every operating system. Rick and I have an ongoing game at all times. And if you read my blog last weekend you know we spend 6 hours playing this game before leaving our house last weekend! I want my sister to get a smart phone JUST for this game! She and I love playing word games and this would be so fun for her! (and me)

I just got mine set up, so I might premature in talking about this app, but the concept is awesome.

So many times I think, why can’t I save a recipe to my favorites and have it automatically save to my phone too? I think this little app will do that. You basically drop any files, photos, music, whatever, into the file on your desktop called Drop Box and it automatically syncs with your phone and any other computer you use that you’ve installed it on. It works across platforms, from Mac to PC to smartphone… I’ll let you know if I like it and if I think I will actually use it.

Now, it’s time to put on my running shoes and hit the trail with fully loaded music player on my smartphone!


One thought on “More Favorite Phone Apps

  1. oh I heart that little photo app. delicious. Let me know about dropbox. I found it didn’t have enough gigs for me so I gave up on it but maybe I need to pay for the extra gigs version?

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