Butterflies and Moths

After hitting the ‘publish’ button on WordPress last night I joined Rick in front of the TV and sat with tears streaming down my face. I told Rick, I know it’s so silly, but the last time someone this close to me had surgery she didn’t wake up for three days. And I know, Cheryl’s hernia surgery isn’t in the same ball park as Mom’s open heart surgery, not even on the same planet really, but I didn’t even know I was stressed about it until last night.

But…happy to report that my brother-in-law called Dad and let him know the doctor was pleased, it went as expected, Cheryl was trying to wake up (yay) and I can’t wait to hear from her tonight or tomorrow.

Cheryl and I were talking yesterday about surgery, anesthesia, going under the knife…and we both feel so much less cavalier about procedures now than we did 10 or 20 years ago. And, of course, with good reason. Such things should not be taken lightly, or for granted. And though millions of people have surgery every single day, when it’s one of the very closest people in your life, it looks and feels much more serious.

Something very weird happened at work today. What I thought was a yellow butterfly was flitting down the hallway ahead of me while I passed the scheduling desks. I was completely mesmerized, because when Mom was in the hospital in a coma, Cheryl and I saw these yellow butterflies everywhere we went, and Cheryl was convinced they were a sign of some sort. Ever since, we have both noticed them and remark to each other any time we see them. So, this one turned out to be a moth, but for 3 or 4 minutes this morning my heart almost stopped!

My point here is this. Cheryl’s surgery was successful, and starting tonight she is on the road to recovery. Yellow butterflies or moths….the only sign I need is my phone to ring and to hear, “Hi Lin….”


One thought on “Butterflies and Moths

  1. That’s such great news, Linda. I’m so glad to hear things went well for your sister. I loved your butterfly story. Hope you get that call soon.

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