It Truly Is A Wonderful Life

Most of today and the last few evenings I have been immersed in family photos, appropriate music, and other audio clips getting the slideshow ready for Grandma’s memorial service.  Tomorrow we head 5 hours south to Portland where we’ll meet up with some of the family for dinner and a fun evening of catching up and story telling.

An amazing thing has happened the last couple days while I’ve been burying myself in my project.  My heart has been moved from sad and tearful to joyful and glad.  I’ve been reminded by studying a lifetime of photos that my Grandmother really had wonderful life.  She wouldn’t have changed a thing.

And that, my friends is a very wonderful gift to those left behind.


4 thoughts on “It Truly Is A Wonderful Life

  1. Hi Linda. Isn’t life wonderful – we suddenly find all those old photos, and often we don’t know all the people in them, but then we find a family face and see how that person lived and how happy they were.
    I can spend many happy hours with photographs but I am ensuring now that I put the names of the people in them on the back so that when my children/grandchildren get them they wont say – ‘who’s that?’ 🙂

  2. Jan and I are so so sorry for your loss and the pain associated. But isn’t cool to have shared life with Grandma ? Wishing we never had to have “separation anxiety”. Have a great family gathering.
    – – – – – – – – – – – –
    (THERE. I wrote something without being funny or sarcastic like: Hey, nice family photo ! Glad to see your all in the pink and your feathers arent ruffled too much. Of course I do see a lot of bills, but then you’ve got those long legs for when you get in deep……mud! If your going to continue to put food on the table, you’re just going to have to stand on your own two feet and stick your neck out……. : but I resisted the temptation )

    1. Well, Jim, that’s really all a person can ask, that you resist the temptation. So glad it didn’t get the better of you!

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