In Memorium

Here is the video I put together for Grandma’s funeral. (I have had some trouble getting it uploaded to flickr and youtube, so tried a new (to me) hosting site. I would like to re-load it to vimeo in a fuller format, but have to wait until next week because I’m not paying for a premium account until I decide I like it enough– a little something I learned from my Grandma Tate and would make her proud):

The verbal audio is from a series of evenings my parents spent with Grandma and Grandpa over the summer of 1991, interviewing them with a tape recorder. There are over 6 hours of recorded audio from that summer, and I’ve included just a couple snippets, nuggets that bring to life memories so many of us share. There is a photo that few of us recognize as pelted out mink, and I included it because the mink farm is such a big part of our shared history. In one photo of my cousin Terri, you can see the mink sheds in the background.

I am happy to share this video here with anyone who wishes to watch and listen and see a little glimpse into the heritage that has some part in making us Tates who we are. I will, for the rest of my life, be grateful for Amos and Dorothy Tate and for the privilege of being their granddaughter.

Until That Glad Reunion Day from Linda Atkins on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “In Memorium

  1. I think my original comment got lost in the blogosphere. Cherish the memories of these wonderful people and they will be with you always. the Vimeo presentation is better than the flickr. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your quick comment on my original post! Had it not been for you, I wouldn’t have realized that Flickr only uploaded the first 19 minutes. After that Youtube wouldn’t publish my video because I used music in it. Really??? Found Vimeo, and I think they have a new loyal customer! Thanks again Judith!

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