Firsts *Revised*

This weekend I got to meet my new nephew, Oliver, for the first time.

And this is the first photo I took with my new camera:

This is not my new camera. It’s Tim’s camera and it’s the Mother of All Cameras, the Canon 5D. And he let me use it at Grandma’s funeral on Saturday. Only thing is, I had it set wrong the pictures aren’t very good. But at least I can say I shot with the 5D.

Just like Daddy:

The first time we had to say goodbye to Oliver: He was more interested in Rick’s beard than smiling for the camera at 5:30 yesterday morning.

This is the rose bush in front of the house that Josh and Abby can call their first home:

And now I’m going to take the first sore throat I’ve had in ages and go lay down.

*After publishing this post and going away for a while and taking my bath and drinking my hot water with lemon and honey, I came back and noticed that this is my 600th post since starting my blog on on December 3, 2005! If I’d realized this earlier, and if I didn’t have an elephant sitting on my sinus’s, and if my head wasn’t pounding, I might have done a “look back”. But all of those things are true, so I will just congratulate myself on 600 posts in almost 5 and half years and say goodnight.*


4 thoughts on “Firsts *Revised*

  1. Hi again Linda. Great photos from your new camera. And I love the one of Rick with Oliver. You see I feel as if I do know you and your family.

    1. I wonder if we will get to meet someday. My son and his bride to be hope to live in New Zealand for a time while she does her student teaching. Maybe that will be the time Rick and I will come and meet you!

  2. That picture of Oliver is adorable! And the one of their hands is so sweet. You have a great eye for detail. Will you send me the rest of the pictures you sent sometime soon?

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