From Last Weekend

Please indulge me one more post about my Grandmother’s Funeral. And then, I promise, I’ll be done.

I took these photos with my brother’s camera, and not having used it before, they are just snapshots, but at least they preserve for memory what the day was like.

Grandsons and Great Grandsons served as pall bearers

The Moms and Dads sat under the tent,

…while the cousins all stood behind

Flowers sent from Dona, one of Grandma’s last living siblings

Flowers sent from Grandma's sister, Dona and family

Remember Dona? She and Grandma were reunited in January after 30 or 40 years of not seeing each other. Read about it HERE

I just wanted to document this day, one final post. I have no pictures from Grandpa’s burial, and I wish I did. So, now at least, I have Grandma’s.



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