Ten Things

1. Tomorrow is my last day of work at my current job. Yesterday at 3:00 I officially started letting go of my duties. This time tomorrow I will be celebrating with my co-workers over Margaritas. I believe I have made life-long friends that I look forward to staying in touch with. Plus, one of them is having a baby, and I plan to be a surrogate Grandma/Aunt. (She won’t be having a Margarita)

2. In 4 days I start a new job and I am getting very excited about it.

3. Caleb called tonight to let us know his new business was featured in the Bellingham Business Journal. I’m a very proud Mama!

4. Rick played me a voicemail on his cell phone when I got home tonight. It was Nora saying, “Hi Papa” She counts to ten now, although when I got to talk to her on the phone she was more interested in telling me her name, Nono Tace (Nora Grace). I love that she calls herself Nono. So cute.

3. When Abbie was Nora’s age she called her brothers Doth and Cabub. She called herself Abbie

6. When Josh was Nora’s age he called Caleb Cabah and Philip Fwip.

7. Tonight on the phone, I called Caleb a name I can’t print here. My Grandchildren might read this someday and I wouldn’t want them thinking their Grandmother had a sailor’s mouth.

8. I’m still very proud of Caleb. See #3.

9. Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday and Nora’s other Grandma’s birthday. I wish I could be with both of them to celebrate their lives, two women I love deeply.

10. Sunday is Mother’s Day and we are having an Atkins Family Get Together. I will practice with my new camera and post lots of pictures here!


2 thoughts on “Ten Things

  1. What a proud Mama and Grandmama and congratulations to your son Caleb. It’s great to see our children achieve at something they are passionate about.

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