Slowing Down…

…And Not In The Good Way.

My amazing new camera? While amazing and wonderful and completely everything I wanted?

Sadly, it’s completely beyond my computer. I went to to see if I could download a driver to help but my OS of Mac is not supported for this camera. Wow.

Really? This was NOT something I would have thought to ask. And to be honest, had the person who helped us when we bought it asked what OS I was using and HAD that person informed me this would not really be compatible, I still would have chosen this camera.

So there you are.

What this means is that I can still process my RAW format photos, but it just takes FFffffOooooRrrrrrrEeeeeVeeeeRrrrrrr……

And what that means is… out of the 167 photos I took yesterday at the Atkins Family Mother’s Day Event, you’ll see about 4 or 5 at a time, throughout this week, and then maybe not the rest of them until I can figure out a solution. (Anyone with a solution that does not involve spending $1500-$2000 on a new computer, please comment).

So, for tonight’s installment, I give you:

Miss Nora (duh):



Rick’s parents live on a piece of property that they have beautifully turned into a bird sanctuary and it just so happens that our darling Miss Nora just LOVES birds! She was absolutely in heaven! And with so many people just waiting in line for her attentions, she had plenty of fans to drag around the yard and point out all the different birds. Grandpa was her favorite. Mainly, I suppose, because he has proven he will drop whatever he is doing, whoever he is talking to, and escort her around and do her bidding.

It is Grandpa’s hands she is holding in these photos:


I know I am biased. I understand that my opinion cannot be trusted on this question. And yet I ask you,

Have you ever seen such a perfect face?
I didn’t think so.


3 thoughts on “Slowing Down…

  1. Oh no, would never have thought about the whole camera not playing well with the computer. Those pictures are so worth it though. When you do get a new computer you might be able to sell your old on on: one of my friends sold a lot of their apple stuff on that website.
    Can’t believe how long Nora’s hair is getting so pretty, so much older looking.

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