Wrong Number

Funny Text Messaging conversation I had this evening:

Me: What is your mailing address?

Brian: Who is this?

Me: Linda Atkins….Cousin?

Me: (in my usual casual humor…): And here I thought you all had me programmed into your phones!

Brian: Who do you think you’re texting? I got this number about a month ago. This isn’t Derrick.

Me: I thought I was texting Brian Tate. So sorry! I will get a better number!

Not Brian, or Derrick: Oh, Haha! Not him either. Sorry.

Me: Wow. 21st century version of a wrong number!

Not Brian, or Derrick: No problem. Good luck contacting him.

Ummm….Uncle Jack? Can you email me Brian’s current phone number and address please?
Your niece,


2 thoughts on “Wrong Number

  1. Linda the pictures of Nora are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It gave me a huge lump in my throat made me miss my gkids sooooo much! You are so blessed to spend time with her enjoy!
    By the way if you have question on editing raw pic on a mac you should email sarah that what she uses!
    PS heading to OR in 5 days we get 12 days of loving on the kids I can’t wait!!

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