A Word of Advice

If your babies are no longer babies and they have outgrown the pretty baby things and you know you are done having any more babies, then this blog post is for you. Even though you didn’t ask for it, and I really do try not to give advice unless asked, this time, I just cannot sit by and not dole it out.

When you pack away the baby things to save for the next generation do not store them in a cardboard box, even if you put the precious little items inside a black garbage bag first.

A couple decades ago I packed away all the homemade items. Blankets, layettes, dresses, shirts…and a couple weeks ago Rick cleaned out the garage because we’d discovered mice, and DOGGONE if those mice hadn’t destroyed some of our sweet little things!

I made this when Abbie was 2 or so and it was one of my favorites:

I embroidered the little flowers

And the bluebirds

She looked so sweet in this

I even did fowers on the back collar


And this is how we found it when we cleaned the garage (and by we, I mean Rick):



And not just the hem. They got other parts too.

These little shirts were ruined as well. My Mother-in-Law made them when the boys were little.


And Caleb’s

She always put these little labels in the things she made for them

Happily this sweet little hat was not touched
The things I stored in the cedar hope chest in the house, were, of course, just fine.

So my advice to you, unsolicited as it may be, is, Please store your sweet little baby things in a hope chest in the house or in sealed rubbermaid type containers. I still have plenty of things to hand down in the future, but I’m very sad about the ones that are ruined.

I do think I can take the collar and cuffs off this dress and start over.

But I’ll need a sewing machine.



One thought on “A Word of Advice

  1. My mom saved a bunch of my “baby” stuff and made me a beautiful quilt and gave it to me when I was about 10 yo. I Love that quilt and still have it to this day. Even has a piece of my brothers blankie on it. I have a sewing machine sitting around gathering dust if you want to use it. all I ask is lessons someday 🙂

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