Breakfast Cookies and Peonies

Friday nights before a three day weekend are the best Friday nights ever. Especially if you get to spend it with old friends who know everything about you, love you anyway, and don’t mind that you didn’t sweep or dust before they arrived. I’m not saying I didn’t sweep or dust. I’m just saying…IF you didn’t….anyway, moving on.

Our friends brought over cookies for dessert.

They even brought the cookie dough unbaked so they would be fresh out of the oven when dessert time came! Aren’t I lucky to have such friends!?

Did I mention they brought us cookies?

Cookies that looked suspiciously like Toll House Cookies, but when we were told to guess the secret ingredient I knew there was a trick!

Peanut butter cookies. With bacon and chocolate and cinnamon. BACON! Hempler BACON!!
I’ve never heard of such a thing, but these are AMAZING! I even had two of them with my eggs this morning for breakfast. Because they have bacon. Hempler Bacon.

Plus my friends brought flowers from their yard. Peonies and Iris.

Which gave me something to do on a rainy, no sunny, no rainy, no just cloudy, no definitely rainy, day.



It was a GREAT start to a three day weekend.

Love you all, Mark, Joanne, Tom, and Bliss!


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