Pudding Camera

What a great day! Rick finished the railings on our deck, I worked in the flower bed in front of the house, and worked at clearing out the bushy salmon berries on the side of the driveway. We made BLT’s with Hempler Pepper Bacon, and ate our first supper on our new deck. We ran into town to borrow some heavy machinery from Nora’s other Grandpa, and even though she was napping I got to chat with Hannah and Cindy. (I love the women in my life)

None of that, however is what tonight’s blog post is about. I have another Android App to report on. It’s called Pudding Camera. Do not ask me why. I still can’t figure it out, but it’s my new favorite photo app, even more than Retro Camera!

I know, Right??? You know how I love Retro Camera!

Tonight’s blog post is two-fold. I love sharing the love of apps, and I’m doing that, but I’m also showing you our almost finished new front deck. While we sat on our deck and ate our BLTs tonight I said to Rick, “Thank you for building this for me. I love it. I think it might actually be my favorite thing. Ever.”

He said “You’re welcome.”

So….Pudding Camera. Did I mention I don’t know why it’s called that? The only thing that I don’t like, and actually, it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I don’t speak Japanese, is that it’s in Japanese. Oh, wait. I only assume it’s Japanese, but maybe it’s another Asian written language….whatever, I don’t understand what I’m pressing, but usually I’m right if I guess “OK” or “Cancel”.

So, Fisheye”


Panorama: (LOVE)

The next three are “Fantasy” and I fantasize about them for hours!



The rest are a camera called “Vivid”, and I love these too, but the thing is with this app, you have SEVERAL cameras to use, PLUS SEVERAL film options, so it’s practically limitless possibilities how you use it! Actually, if, like my brother-in-law and my husband you are a mathematician, then you know it’s not limitless, that there really is an exact number of options, but if you are ME….pretty much it’s unreachable, what you can do with this app! Please look for it, download it, and use it. (I have no connection whatsoever to this application or it’s creator, but I wish I did, because it’s awesome!) I will play around with it more tomorrow and show you more of this great app’s capabilities.


But…before I go…can I just say this?

I’m in love with this little girl:

And that has nothing whatsoever to do with Android photo apps, our new deck, our first really warm sunny weekend in 245 days or whatever it is, or what I had for dinner.

It’s just what REALLY matters.

And as Rick would say, I can find any excuse to throw a picture of her on my bog.


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