A List

1. Sometimes I can’t think of a single thing to blog about. Not one.

2. This is one of those times.

3. Tomorrow I am taking my computer in to have more RAM put in so that I can edit photos from my niece’s wedding.

4. My niece’s wedding is in two days. She’s excited. Very excited.

5. We tried to watch Black Swan last night. I wanted to love it. I really wanted to love it. But I didn’t, and in fact, turned it off. Please don’t judge me. I haven’t heard one other person say they didn’t like it.

6. I haven’t walked the Whatcom Creek Trail since the encounter with the stranger the other day, but Nora’s other Grandma Cindy (or Cinny, as Nora calls her) offered to walk with me and kick some booty. She actually said another word, but this is a family friendly blog.

7. I have more to say, now that I’m on a roll, but I have to leave to catch my bus.

8. Happy Friday everyone!




5 thoughts on “A List

  1. I hear you!! How you can crank out a post every single day is beyond me. I can go on a writing spree for weeks and then, for some ungodly reason, not have a word to say — nada. The more I press myself, the worse it is. For this reason alone, I am thankful I never signed up for the Post Every Day for a Year or whatever that was called. Hats off to you!!

  2. i know just what you mean – sometimes there is nothing between my ears, but we signed up didn’t we?
    And I agree about the Black Swan – too dark and moody for my liking. Much preferred Billy Elliot – have you seen that?

  3. I have done the “blog every day for a month” thing, and by the end my mind is mush! Bravo for doing a year! And I’m with you on Black Swan. I’d like to like it, but I know I won’t, so I haven’t bothered even trying. My most recent movie viewing was…hmm…I don’t remember. I’m sure it was animated though. And probably a princess involved 🙂

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