And Now, Back To Your Regulary Scheduled Program

I have a little confession to make.  I forgot my blog.

I forgot TO blog.

I forgot ABOUT my blog.

I knew yesterday would be a wash, being my niece’s wedding and all, but I’d planned ahead of time to snap a couple of pics with my phone and send them off to WordPress for my post for the day, but once in Seattle, I never gave it a thought.

And today I’ve been organizing photos and starting the editing and never thought about posting anything here until right when I was getting ready to go to sleep and a friend sent me a text message, making sure I was okay  because it has been two days since I’ve posted.  Isn’t that the sweetest thing!?  Actually, she asked if I’d broken my hand.  It’s hard to tell from a text message, but I think she was being sarcastic.

So, in the interest of keeping my phone from waking me up tonight with hundreds dozens one more text message coming through making sure I’m still on the planet, here are a couple of pictures from yesterday.

Sarah did not stop smiling the entire day!

Andy didn’t either for that matter.

Their day was just perfect.

And they were so delightful, a gracious bride and a dashing groom.

More to come….
Goodnight, Theresa!


5 thoughts on “And Now, Back To Your Regulary Scheduled Program

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