Kindle, Anyone?

I received a most surprising gift last weekend!

Since I first discovered Kindle a couple years ago, the gadget-girl in me just had to have one.

But the book-worm girl in me poo-poo’d it. I couldn’t imagine giving up the feel and smell of real books.

Not to mention the way my sister and I pass books back and forth, well, at least she passes them to me…so I’d put the Kindle idea on the back shelf, so to speak, and quite happily and smugly have gone about my business, reading real books, with real pages.

Then, out of the blue, when I was least expecting it, I was given a Kindle! And from the moment I first held it in my hands the gadget-girl in me took over, and I don’t miss a thing about “real” books!!

Plus, my sis now has one as well, and our mutual reading and discussing of books shows no sign of stopping!

“Real Books” just got redefined!


3 thoughts on “Kindle, Anyone?

  1. Linda I got mine for mother’s day and LOVE it….I told Bill it is so awesome because I am never w/o a book when I finish one it is so easy to go get another one! Also there is a way to book share but I am not sure how we should look into it!!

  2. I’m on my second Kindle after the first one finally died from over work, and I plan to eventually replace this one when its time comes along. I adore my kindle and have never missed actual page-turning. I still read the occasional “real” book but the kindle is my treasure. I’ve even talked my therapist into getting one!

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