Five and a Half Decades

Fifty-Five years ago they said,

With This Ring…
TateCD7-R1-E054 (614 x 909).jpg

I, Thee Wed
TateCD7-R1-E062 (614 x 909).jpg

for better or worse,


for richer or poorer,

in sickness and health,

to love and to cherish,

to have and to hold

from this day forward…


A couple days ago at Sarah and Andy’s wedding Dad gave Josh a motion to help him and they carried Mom in her chair to the dance floor. They danced at Caleb and Hannah’s wedding…

May I Have This Dance?

…and they danced at Sarah and Andy’s wedding.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


2 thoughts on “Five and a Half Decades

  1. Five and half decades – So they were married in 1956 and are still happily together. Congratulations to them both. And look how well you turned out. We were married in 1957 so if my husband was still alive we would be celebrating 54 years in November. How time flies.
    Lovely pictures and memories Linda.
    thanks for sharing.

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