My Father Taught Me

Things my Dad tried to teach me:
1. How to bait a hook with a worm. Ew.
2. How to catch a fish. Boring.
3. How to make a blackberry pie. I still can’t make a pie crust to save my life.
4. How to sing. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. I’m the only Tate in history with this problem.


Things I learned from my Dad:
1. Work hard. If you have a job, do it with all your might.
2. Cultivate interests. Life is never boring when your interests are diverse and many.
3. Learn. Always be learning something new, whether it’s how to make Kombucha Tea, cinnamon rolls, or how to sail a boat…
4. Read. Books, lots of books, anything you can get your hands on.
5. Make friends. And keep them. They add depth and vitality to your life.
6. Parenting never ends. Once a parent, always a parent, and no matter how old your kids are, there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for them.

Thank you, Dad, for everything.
Happy Father’s day.


One thought on “My Father Taught Me

  1. A gregarious hard working parent who pursues learning with passion, reads up a storm, can bake a pie from scratch and brings home the bacon. I must have forgotten something there but even so …. WHAT A MAN!! Not to rain on your parade but if you replaced baking pies with hand-smocking dresses for his daughters, you would be describing MY father!! Aren’t we two lucky daughters!!

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