Peonies: Pioneer Woman Style

I bought myself some peonies tonight after work, because it’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend, and it just seems wrong to go into the weekend without a bouquet of flowers on my table.

Here is one shot of my peonies, edited with Pioneer Woman’s Photoshop Actions. I have learned so much about photography and photo editing from this woman. That’s really how I found her 3 and a half years ago, from a google search on photo editing, and my relationship with her and her blog has morphed into all areas of life.

…but back to photoshop actions…here is one photo edited with her actions:

The original. (Which I love, as is, FYI)

Soft and Faded

Sunshine (I like this)

Black and White Beauty


PW’s Black and White (much like black and white beauty, but softer)

Lovely and Ethereal (I love this edit, but only sparingly)

Old West (can’t you just see cowboys and indians popping out of the screen!?)

Fresh and Colorful

Heartland (reminds me of illustrations in 1800’s publications)

Seventies ( I love this edit and have used it for some of Sarah’s wedding photos)


And once more so you don’t forget, the Orginal:
Straight out of the camera, I still love it best.

It’s almost the weekend, folks! A weekend completely free of plans, and the weekend Rick and I celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary.

I thought Peonies were called for!


6 thoughts on “Peonies: Pioneer Woman Style

  1. I LOVE the seventies! I agree about the original…but the seventies is great! Hey are those actions for photoshop? CS3 maybe? I am looking for some new ones and hoping for some vintage effects and such.

  2. Love PW’s photo actions! I use hers and a set I bought from Itty Bitty Actions all the time. Sarah (my SIL) loves the 70s action too, and I’ve used it several times. But I tend to oversaturate photos, so I use the Fresh and Colorful action more often. I have to learn that more color isn’t always better!

    Love the peonies SOOC. Lucky duck and your camera 🙂

  3. Old West and Seventies are my favorites. Oh and the original 🙂
    Congratulations on your 28th! A weekend of no plans sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.

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