In 28 Years…

Today Rick and I celebrate 28 years of marriage. Our day began before 5:00 a.m. when Rick couldn’t sleep because his left arm and hand are suffering carpel tunnel syndrome. I got up at 5:00, checked on him, tried to sleep again, but got up and had coffee instead. We went out to the islands for the day and enjoyed the rainless, partly sunny day, the scenery, the flowers, and the quiet comfort of each other’s company.

In a snapshot, our day looked like this:
Flowers, lots of them.



A Glass Blower:
This turned into…


Many more photos from that shop to come…

Useless Bay Coffee Roasters
Where we shared a sandwich and one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had in a long time.

Coming through the Skagit Flats we saw a Hang Glider floating from the hills and Rick pulled the Jetta over

and we sat and watched him (her? no, probably not) land.

We stopped at the Oyster House on Chuckanut and had a glass of wine and appetizers

The women behind me were extremely loud and annoying for a small and elegant restaurant, and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. But….the good thing is that’s one thing that keeps Rick and I connected: Common Enemies.

Just kidding. Kind of. A brief confession (and I’ll deny it if you repeat this): We do have fun making fun of others in public.
Don’t tell. Promise?

The view from our table:


That’s not the end. We knew those appetizers wouldn’t be the end of our day, so we went to Taylor Shellfish up the road and got 2 dozen oysters to have for dinner.

While we ate on the deck tonight we talked about 28 years together, reminisced about our early days together…and thought about the next 28 years. We agreed we want to travel between now and then. We have friends all over the world we could visit, some we’ve never even met in real life!

In 28 years I will be 77 and Rick will be 79.

Our kids will be 54, 52, and 50, respectively!

Nora will be 30.

STOP!! Ok, that’s enough. I cannot even comprehend this!

So, instead, let me say,
Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life. Cheers to the last 28 years, and Here, Here, to the next, wherever those years find us.
I love you, Rick.


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