Josh’s Abby forwarded this to me today which her mother had sent to her:

It was taken at Abby’s first bridal shower in April. I normally don’t like photos of myself, but I like this of all of us. And it reminds me how so very lucky I am!

Ladies, those of you still raising children, you can do everything absolutely right (and of course you do not, as we all know) but who your child chooses as a life partner is so out of your control, it sometimes feels like a crapshoot.

I’m so thankful for these two girls.


One thought on “Girls

  1. Linda – I too am so lucky with the people my children have chosen to marry. Some of my friends either don’t particularly like or in one case, actively dislike their children’s spouses.
    Another reason to be grateful. I am off to add it to My Gratitude List.

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