Four Eyes!

It’s time for new glasses.

If you’re anything like me, and I know I am, then your number one fashion accessory is eye glasses. Mainly because they are necessary. I cannot see, drive, walk across a room, or carry on a conversation without them. I’m pretty much blind. So, for people like me, glasses are a constant need, and a thorn in the flesh.

My first pair. They were plastic, and didn’t have lenses, but they were the precursor.
TateCD7-R1-E045 (909 x 614)-2.jpg

My first real pair
Pink Cat-eye glasses. Nothing was cooler.



Second pair.

Third pair

Same pair here (I’m the one in the ultra cool white vest)

My first wire-rims. I felt so cool. I don’t miss that mole on my chin.

I won’t bore you with all the frames I’ve worn as an adult, except for maybe these babies:
Don’t be jealous. Some of us had it. Some didn’t.

Contacts could be an option, but at my age I’d have to carry reading glasses to read a menu, or a magazine, or anything that involves the written word, and that just seems silly. I even tried the bifocal contacts on our last trip to Hawaii, and though I was promised I would get used them, I did not, and I pretty much tossed every pair I took with me into the ocean. (just kidding, I would never)

So, last night, Abbie went with me to help pick out new frames and this is what we chose:

Yes. They are purple.

If you haven’t noticed from recent photos of me, I am letting my hair go to it’s natural color, which is now, apparently, sparkly silver mixed in with a lighter version of the brown I remember from my youth.

So, yes. They are purple. I need color.

I might even start wearing lipstick again.


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