Endless Opportunities

Photography offers endless opportunities for learning. Not only do you have the photography part, which really, it’s almost endless what you can do with a camera. But after that, there’s the editing part which really is…well, endless!

Today I came across this tutorial at coffee shop blog where I love to browse around for photoshop actions. This is so basic, so fundamental, that I can’t believe I haven’t learned it already. Embarrassing, really. Here I am, fancying myself an amateur/enthusiast photographer and didn’t even know this about photoshop!!

Well, those days are over, my fiend. I know know how to whiten or blacken the background of a photo. Here are three examples of my (please keep in mind) very first attempts:

The original:

My first attempt at making the walls whiter:
This isn’t bad, it’s actually fine, but if you were to zoom in on it and look at the lines where the girls and their clothing meets the white…well, just don’t.

Using the action instead of doing it myself mannually:
It’s fine. But I wanted the walls whiter.

Last attempt. Much better. Used the action instead of manually following the tutorial. I like it now, but earlier today I was frustrated with it and gave up, and did this instead:

mocha velet black and white. I love it.

This one is really really subtle. Here’s the original:

I couldn’t get the background whiter without blowing out the tendrils of the girls blonde hair, and I think the loose, not quite finished look of the messy curls is what makes this picture, so I got rid of the other attempts…

and went with the mocha velvet b&w again:
I love the softness and the just almost pinkish hue behind the girl, like you’re not quite sure you are seeing that color there.

Ok, here’s where I started trying the drastic change in background. For the record I still like the original best.


Changed the background to black:
I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the grass at the bottom, so I left it. I was just experimenting, remember. Sheesh.

Change the background to white:
I like this one, but could have gone even whiter. Like I said, I still like the original best, but it’s fun to play with this little trick and I know I’ll use it TONS in the future.

Thank goodness I have a blog! How would I remember all this information, otherwise!?


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