Have I Bored You With This Lately?

Having a Grandchild is an amazing thing. You hear it all the time, especially when one of your children is expecting. You hear how it’s the best, there’s nothing like it…some people try to describe it, and even if it’s the most enthusiastic and eloquent grandparent talking about it, the reality is never quite captured.

So, I won’t even try. There’s no way to help you understand how this sight grips my heart:

There’s this place inside me that remembers this same man holding the hand her her daddy, her uncle and her aunt, when they were all this small, and seeing history repeat itself, not only here, with her Grandpa, but with her Daddy, it gives me pause. Makes me want to stop time and cherish every single moment.

(We finally saw a couple of deer, a buck and a doe, which Nora called ‘baby deer’ which sounded something like ‘BeeBeeDee’ which is way more fitting anyway in my opionion)


If it were possible to explain how a little video clip a few seconds long could capture your attention for an hour, I would try. But until you’ve been there, there’s no point.

Not to mention watching Nora watch the video while still on the camera. She giggled and laughed louder each time. I realize it was forced, but truly, isn’t that remarkable in itself, that a child, not quite 2 can ‘act’ out her response on demand? What really amazed me watching her watch “Nono and Bampa skip” was that she was not only loving reliving the moment, but watching Bampa for his reaction to it, even craning her neck around me so as to see his face, almost as if she was saying “are you loving this as much as I am!?”

I can’t get over her concentration ability

when something catches her interest

something small and delicate and intricate…

…like Polly Pockets

I’d planned to only let her play with the dolls, the clothing and accessories are so tiny, and with choking hazards and all…but so THRILLED was she on discovering them! So we played together on the floor.

For such a long time!
Until she noticed her constant companion at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, (Maggie never leaves her side anymore) and she took a break to look her in the eye and coo at her.

Can you imagine a 2 year old with marbles who doesn’t put them in her mouth!?

it’s true! She doesn’t. But she does enjoy shoving them down in the cushions of the chairs and pretending she doesn’t know where they are. “Marbles go, Damma!?” She asks with her hands out to her sides in the universal sign “I don’t know” and that impish grin on her face, the one that tells me she’s sure she’s fooled me.

When she’s at my house, our world stops and revolves around her.  We do what she wants to do.  We play what she wants to play.  She gets us all to herself, and we all wear each other out.

There’s never been a smarter, cuter, prettier, happier, more delicious child in the world!

But…it’s useless.  There’s no way for me to communicate what it’s like to have a Grandchild.

You’ll just have to get one for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Have I Bored You With This Lately?

  1. I believe all grandmothers say the same things you are saying, Linda. I do remember when our grandkids were small, we thought they were the smartes, most beautifu and handsome kids that ever were.
    However, they grow up, and not puppies and kittens anymore.

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