A. List. On. Monday.

1.  I made tortilla chips tonight for the first time.  Oh. My. Goodness.  So good.  Thank you Cutzi Jobes for the idea and for being so available by text message to answer my question! I’m a believer. And so is Rick.

2. I am three quarters of the way through:

and I Can. Not. Put. It. Down.

3. Does anyone ever wonder what a period after every word in a sentence means? I’ve never actually read or heard, but I use it To. Stress. My. Point. If I’m using it incorrectly, please don’t tell me. I can only change so many things about myself in a certain time span, and I’m full up at the moment.

4. You’re wondering what else I could possibly be trying to change about myself? Since you asked…Listen more, talk less. It’s not going so well. But the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting you have one. There’s hope.

5. I have had two conflicting comments in the past month. At a party a few weeks ago, someone I used to work with asked if I’d retired recently. I’ve let my hair go natural which is a sparkly silver in places, and this remark came on the heels of a recent cut that removed any remaining artificial color, so it threw me. I either look very rich or very old. I do not look rich. BUT…yesterday Rick and I were paying for a car charger for our phones in Issaquah, and the cashier complimented my outfit and then complimented Rick on his “trophy wife”. She even complimented my hair and said I was the total package. I remarked about it later on the way home and Rick said, “honey, she’s in sales.” Ummm….no…she’s a cashier, and we’d already BOUGHT. I am going with the trophy wife over the retired comment, thankyouverymuch.

6. I asked Rick this morning how it feels to have a trophy wife. He said it feels great.

7. Nora loves to use the remote control to turn on our ceiling fan. And turn it off. And turn it up. And make it slow. And turn on the light. And turn off the light. And turn on the light.
And I love to watch her.


2 thoughts on “A. List. On. Monday.

  1. Aloha Linda, Love your blog. You are a woman of many talents. Miss Nora is precious beyond words, and could not help but notice a bit of Abby in her resemblance. So happy for this joy in your lives.

  2. Re: trophy wife: Whether you are rich and retired, the whole package, or just plain good woman, I can hear Rick singing, “I got you, Babe”. He is a lucky man!!

    As far as I know, a period is used to terminate a complete sentence, which has a subject and a predicate with modifiers. I do get your point, though. Interesting!

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