Knock Kock

Who’s There?


Orange Who?

Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana!?


Ok, for real. Here’s the story.
I was walking up the walk to the front door and saw through the dining room window an orange brilliance. The sun was coming through the living room window and shining on only one spot in the entire house: the wine tray of oranges on the kitchen island and it was breathtaking. As Rick finished making dinner and told me about his day, I grabbed my camera and started shooting. I took 7 pictures. I had to delete 2 of them for bad focus. I don’t say that to brag. But I’m kinda bragging.

To make up for bragging I will now tell you the rest of the story. After the first shot I noticed a layer of dust on the wine barrel tray, grabbed a towel and swept it off. There was a ring of dust around each orange in all but the first two shots and I had to use photoshop to get the dust out, or it would be like inviting all my friends and relatives over for a party–an orange party–and forgetting to dust.

Don’t laugh. It’s happened.

If only I could photoshop my whole house.


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