T.V. and Movies

I had to update our Blockbusteronline que tonight. Can I just say there are not very many new movies that look like something I care to devote a couple hours to?

Where have all the movies gone!?

One of our favorite things to do (Rick’s and mine) is to watch movies. We rarely go to the theater anymore, (more because of noisy annoying people than even the outrageous prices), but when we do, we tally how many of the previews show other movies we want to see. It always seems like great movies are coming out when you see the trailer in the theater.

But tonight trying to update our list….well, there’s pretty much nothing I would give my time and attention to right now.

I miss Parenthood.
I miss Modern Family. Can’t wait for those two shows to start back up. Parenthood especially. I think it’s my favorite show Of. All. Time. And you know what that means.

We watched the first 2 or 3 seasons of Madmen recently (I almost wrote ‘this summer’ but stopped myself because I couldn’t remember for a split second if we’d had summer yet, but that’s another post…which I’ve already written), anyway, back to Madmen…At first we were entralled. Set between 1960 and 1962 (the seasons we watched, I’m sure it covers more than that), which are the exact years Rick and I were born, respectively, so seeing the fashion, and the furnishings…the archaic attitudes toward:
a. Women
b. Drinking
c. Smoking
d. All of the above

was interesting and kept our interest, but by the last couple episodes we watched, Rick asked me if I would mind if we didn’t finish. Maybe it wouldn’t seem so drastic if we were watching it as it was aired, one episode at a time with a break for 3 or 4 months, but watching them back to back in a matter of weeks was, admittedly, a bit over the top and degrading to our souls. It left us wondering if any man in the 60s was EVER faithful to his wife, and if EVERY single working person drank cocktails during staff meetings. Ok, the cocktails, probably, but seriously, the complete disregard of morality was too much, and I agreed, I’d had enough. To those of you on facebook that recommended it, we did like it. It was just a little like a 5lb bag of peanut M&Ms at one sitting; too much of something not really healthy for us in the first place, so no thank you, I’m done.

One of my favorite bloggers of all time, Miz Booshay, wrote about movies yesterday and today and mentioned those she had not seen and would never see, and then listed her favorites. Her list of favorites totally match movies I love, to a movie, and her list of those she hates or refuses to see…I’m sad to say…list one movie that I consider one of my favorites of all time and watch with my girlie whenever:
a. I’m feeling down
b. She’s feeling down
c. I’m flying high
d. She’s flying high
and times in between. It’s ok. One of my best friends detests that movie (you know who you are HGD) and I love her anyway.

The other movie Miz Booshay said she has no interest in is Ironman. I’m sorry. I love Robert Downey Jr. And I love any movie he is in. I can’t help it. I know I shouldn’t. But I do.

Other than Ironman and Mama Mia, I think Miz Booshay and I could actually be very very good friends. I won’t say best friends because I have a few women in my life who would be hurt, and I’ve already declared Pioneer Womanmy fantasy celebrity BFF, but I do sense a kindred spirit….


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