Friday Night in the Park

A funny thing happens when you go to the bay for a picnic right after work on a Friday night.
You get mixed up,

You go to bed thinking tomrrow is Sunday

and when you go with a two year old (almost) and take turns with her on the playground

up and down, back and forth

again! again! again!


…one little girl leaves with energy to spare


and 7 adults leave exhausted!


3 thoughts on “Friday Night in the Park

  1. Nora has grown up so much! She is adorable – I just lover her wispy hair. I think we have a similar picture of Steele looking through that circle. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Linda you have no idea how much I love seeing you and Rick as Grandparents creating all those amazing memories! It takes me back to when Jackson was little and had our UNDIVIDED attention! 3 years later Aidan came and I didn’t think our lives could ever be fuller…3 years later Chloe brought more love to our already full hearts….You more than anyone know how much I miss the “doing life together” times and when I see your pictures I just SMILE! thanks for sharing!

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