My sister Cheryl and I wanted to read a book at the same time. She let me pick. I chose The Hunger Games. That was a couple weeks ago, and now we are on book three, Mockingjay.

Oh. My. Goodness.
Goodness Sakes! This is a good trilogy! Rick is reading Hunger Games now. My Dad is buying them for his kindle and will read them on the train coming up to Bellingham for Josh’s wedding. I think we have a cult following, folks! if you haven’t read these books, go buy them, borrow them, put them on your kindle. Read them. You can thank me later.

Speaking of books, I’ve mentioned here before how much I enjoyed The Help. Today I saw the movie with Abbie. I don’t normally enjoy a movie if I loved the book. This is the absolute total exception. I loved the movie. As much as the book. They left out only a couple little details, but didn’t ruin the story. Now, I want to read the book again AND see the movie again. Read the book. Watch the movie. You don’t even have to do it in that order with this one!!

Speaking of movies, The Godfather. I put it in our Blockbuster.com Que and it came this week. Neither of us have ever seen it. Rick watched it, I saw snippets. We chuckled at the quotes used in You’ve Got Mail, and having never seen it, thought they were so funny. Great movie, stellar cast, (hardly recognized one of my favorite actresses, Diane Keaton, who I’d always THOUGHT had never had cosmetic surgery, but that nose is a dead give-away), classic story. When it ended Rick said, Ok, you know you have to get me the rest of them, right?


Entertainment. Good books and good movies. One of the wonderful things that Rick and I continue have in common.


2 thoughts on “Entertainment

  1. I recently saw the movie The Cave of Forgotten Dreams (http://growingyoungereachday.wordpress.com/2011/08/12/the-cave-of-forgotten-dreams/). That reminded me and took me back to the Earth’s Children series by Jean Auel. And now I have started to reread the books.
    Many years ago my daughter bought the first one and gave it to me to read as she had enjoyed it so much. I passed it to a friend who in turn passed it on to…. We had a little cult following going as my daughter bought each of the books as they came out and passed them on to me, who passed them on.

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