Sunny Side

This has become an extremely hectic and busy time for us. This weekend we go out of town for a wedding in Seattle, Rick is officiating. I am sitting by looking pretty. I am very much looking forward to a weekend away, staying with two very dear friends with whom we always enjoy good food, good drink, and excellent conversation. Once we get home it will be a sprint to the finish line for Josh and Abby’s wedding. Again, an event that we are looking forward to, anticipating lots of activity and good friends, family, food, drink and conversation. I say all this because though I hope to keep up on blogging, if I fall behind, or if I post a photo or two, and call it good, you’ll know why.

Last weekend I did a photo shoot for a massage therapist friend. Rick modeled, as did Abbie. It was a fun afternoon, Abbie had her first taste of real massage therapy, and I do believe she is hooked. I have seen Tom Gurney for massage for years and highly recommend him! But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Pictures aren’t ready.

Pictures that ARE ready are of these beauties that Tom’s mother-in-law, my fried Joanne brought me from her garden. I saw them in the filtered light of the sun last night and snapped a couple shots:








Dont’ they just make you want to hold on to summer for all you’re worth!?


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