These are part of the stairs that go into Whatcom Falls Park where Yew Street meets Iowa and Woburn. There are 105 stairs. Yesterday while I was huffing and puffing my way to the top on my last flight I remembered the summer that my friend Val and I worked our way from 5 flights the first morning to 30 flights by the end of the summer. That was 5 years ago. Last week I could only make it up 4 times. Yesterday I climbed it 6 times, and I decided on a new goal…

I couldn’t wait to get home and email my friend Heather and ask if she thought I was crazy. She was completely encouraging, and as coming from a chiropractor who would never steer me wrong, I believe her!

Ready? Here it is:

I am going to climb those stairs 50 times on my 50th birthday. Or the weekend before. Which ever seems more likely as we get closer. I’ll be writing out a training schedule, sort of like when I trained for a marathon. I’ll start at March 20, 2012 and work backward.

Second post in a row that I might regret writing and wish I’d just kept quietly to myself.


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