Girl Shoes

There is a certain event coming up in exactly around lest than two weeks or so, and I needed shoes. I usually wear things like crock flip flops, birkenstocks, running shoes, sketchers, and ballet flats.
I. Do. Not. Wear. Heels.
They hurt my feet.
And my ankles.
I tried a pair for last weekend’s wedding that I borrowed from my friend Heather, but gave up after an hour or so. I resorted to changing back and forth from my black athletic sandals and bare feet. If shoes make the man, then I’m no…well, you get the point.

ANYway….Rick and I both needed dress shoes. Brent and Heather pointed us toward DSW in Redmond at Factoria Village and look what I got:

Girl Shoes! They don’t hurt my feet, they have a cute little heel, and they will look FAB with my classic LBD (Little Blue Dress)


One thought on “Girl Shoes

  1. I just love shoes but am getting to the point where I rarely wear heels. But I still do on special occasions. I love your blue and whites. They look perfect for summer. do they have them in seven and half and can I get a pair please?

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