What’s in YOUR phone gallery??

Last night I uploaded several pictures from my phone to my flickr account. It was telling. Not sure what it told, but still…it was telling. Here’s a few, you may have seen a couple on my blog or facebook before:

From October 17, 2010, Miss Nora:

Taken in January 2011, Josh surprised Abbie when he came home from Nepal early (a great day!)

February 9, 2011, Dad and my brother Ken when Cheryl and I met them in Centralia for lunch at the Olympic club. Such a great day.

June 18, 2011, Miss Nora having her Goldfish snack on the back deck, a new tradition when she visits

Sometime this summer (if you use retro camera, apparently there is no EXIF data) parking spaces downtown:

The same day, City of Subdued Excitement:

Same day, Retro Camera, Whales mural downtow:

Rick, playing with his phone:

July 16, 2011, UGH. Self portrait modeling my new specs:

August 3, 2011, The building at the end of the block from where I work:

August 3, 2011, My brother in law, Matt, toasting Rick on his birthday

August 3, 2011, Rick on his birthday:

…SO? What’s in YOUR phone gallery?


One thought on “What’s in YOUR phone gallery??

  1. hmmm I still have a flip phone. a 5 year old going on 6 year old flip phone. Have lots of pictures in my phone but most are not really identifiable…your are beautiful. and fun. I really need a new phone.

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