And It Begins

Tonight my Dad arrives. Tomorrow many of Josh and Abby’s friends will be here for the rehearsal and then the dinner here at our house in the evening. And then other guests will begin arriving from out of town. We will all get gussied up in our finery and gather at a park on the bay and witness two people we all love as they promise to love and cherish for the rest of their lives.

So much time and energy, money and emotion go into a wedding! We joke about wishing they’d just elope, but truthfully, these Days Long Celebrations are traditions I wouldn’t want to give up.

We celebrate when our favorite sports team wins (and by we, I mean you), we celebrate holidays, some with extreme enthusiasm blowing up neighborhoods for 24 plus hours. We throw parties for birthdays, retirement, graduation…But there’s really nothing like a wedding. There’s nothing else like your children getting married that moves to tears, joy, anxiety, fear, happiness, and dance!

So, Let The Party Begin!


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