Take It To The Cloud

Ok, remember this commercial that came out this past year?

It’s true. It’s real. It works. Here’s proof:

These two pictures. I like the first one of me, but Nora’s eyes are closed.

This one is better of Nora, but I don’t care for it so much of me.

So what did I do? I took it to the cloud. And merged them. It was the easiest thing. Ever.
IMG_6091 Fuse1
Oh, AND I saturated it a bit after I was done because it was too washed out. Ain’t I clever?

4 thoughts on “Take It To The Cloud

  1. yesyousoclever (as I wrote it)
    Yes, you are so very clever!! (modified and less satuated structure)
    Can you put hair on top and back of my head??? Just a tinge of pepper, please.

  2. Linda, I have so many of these kind of photos with ella! Is “the cloud” free, subscription, or software? How do I go about doing this??

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