The Glad Game

Remember this?

Last Spring my friend Debbie wrote a post about playing The Glad Game. She wrote it way better than I ever could, so I won’t try to duplicate it.

But I’ve thought about it all day since posting my totally downer blog post this morning on my phone from the bus. (You don’t have to scroll down and read it, trust me, it was a downer. Kinda comical, but still, a downer.)

My point: I’ve thought about Debbie’s post all day, and about Pollyanna, and about how much I have to be thankful for, even if a stupid spider bite kept me awake, there’s a cougar prowling around near my house, and I lost some really cute pictures.

So, let’s play the Glad Game.

I’m glad for everything in this picture:

(photo by Amy Mason)

I’m glad for Rick. How many Dads get to officiate and marry their own children?

I’m glad for Caleb and Hannah and Nora. Such a beautiful family full of joy and laughter.

I’m glad for my Abbie. My lifelong friend who’s whole life is in front of her.

I’m glad for Josh and Abby and the sweet new baby they will bring to our family in a couple months.

So much to be thankful for.

So much to be glad about.

(thanks for the reminder Debbie)


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