Thoughts from the bus

What a morning.

1.  Realized I deleted a batch of pictures from my camera before putting then on my computer.  The ones from Boundary Bay the night before the wedding.  Really fun cute pictures.  Even a couple of me that weren’t completely dorky. 

2.  I got a spider bite on Monday that is incredibly painful and itchy and kept me awake last night.  I hate bugs.

3.  Walking to the bus this morning a woman stopped to warn me she saw a cougar behind her house last night, just up the hill from MY house.  Suddenly the woods were teeming with sounds and watching eyes and now I’m freaked out about taking the bus every day.  She didn’t even offer me a ride to the bus stop.  I think if you take the trouble to deliver bad news you ought to at least offer a lift.

4.  I forgot my kindle at home, thus the blog post from my phone.

Tomorrow is a new day.  And
I may or may not be on the bus.

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