A List

1. I thought I should post a picture that has nothing to do with Josh and Abby’s wedding, so here are two. I love when a critter comes along right when I snap a photo and I don’t know it’s there until the picture is taken!


2. My Naturopath wants me to eat gluten-free for one month. Today is day 8. Gluten Free is stupid.

2. Hershey’s chocolate has no gluten.

3. Thank you God.

4. Tonight we are having dessert with Josh and Abby and her parents and watching the newlyweds open wedding gifts.

5. I’m up to 10 flights on the Yew Street Stairs. This X 10 = My Birthday Goal. I need more carbs.

6. This list reminds me of my old Five on Friday Posts. I’d forgotten. So, it’s after 5:00 on Friday, TGIF!!!


2 thoughts on “A List

  1. 1. My guess is that after a while you may think gluten free rocks… I might even be willing to bet on it.

    2. Carbs shmarbs. Feed your body a big ‘ol grass-fed steak with the fat still on it. That’ll get you up those stairs!

  2. thank goodness chocolate is gluten free. I have learned to cook a lot more gluten free foods lately. A lot of the recipe blogs I like just happen to be that way. But then I go on my baking blogs and it is all over šŸ˜‰

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