Portraits. A Series.

Not taken by me. Obviously.
Taken by Josh.
Me: Wait, don’t snap yet.
He snapped.

Me: Josh, you can’t just hold the camera above your head and click!
He held the camera above his head and clicked.

Me: Just take a good picture already, ok!?
He didn’t.

Me: Josh, you totally have the flowers in front of my face and why is everyone laughing?
Oh. That’s why.

Me: JOSH!! I saw you gesture to Abby to flip the camera off!! Stop it and take a picture!
Uh oh.

Me: Take a cute one!
Me: ABBY!!

Josh: Ok, Mom, for real this time, a really cute shot, just look at each other.
Me: Ahem.

Josh: Make a heart with your hands on Abby’s tummy.
Me: This is weird. You should be over here.

Josh: Pretend you’re listening for the baby.
Abby: Your Mom is weirding me out.

Ok. We’re done.


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