I Chuckled

Today I found this greeting card in my box at work:


I apologize for the naughty word. Especially if my grandchildren read this someday. (Grandma doesn’t really talk like this punkins!) Ok, sometimes I might. MIGHT. But that’s not the point.

I work in an office full of women. Smart, hillarious, warm, sweet, sarcastic women. There are a of couple men, but they are so outnumbered…I can’t even count them. One particular woman, we’ll call, say, hypothetically, Barbara, and I bantered back and forth yesterday. At the end of bantering I may or may not have called her a name that may or may not be present on the above greeting card.

Thus…the chuckle.
P.S. Sorry Dad. I don’t EVER say that word. EVER.
P.S. That might or might not be true.


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