My Mother In Law

Yesterday was my Mother-in-law’s birthday. We celebrated on Sunday along with Matt and Laura’s birthdays.

Mom loves birthdays!  Doesn’t matter who’s it is.  She loves being part of it.  The meal, the cake, the gifts…and she doesn’t miss anyone’s.

So, although we celebrated on Sunday I feel terrible that I forgot to call her yesterday on her birthday.

So I called her tonight and told her I love her.

And wished her a belated happy birthday.


(on Mother’s day with her traditional “mom” picture and Danny standing in for Marty)

It seems the older I get, the more I have in common with this woman. She is a mother-in-law. And so am I. She is a grandma. And I am a grandma. She is getting older. I am getting older. Ok, that one doesn’t count. We’ve both always been getting older. But with age and new seasons of life come wisdom and understanding, and relationships change, hopefully for the better.

I’m so blessed and so thankful to be in this family and on this journey with this woman.

My Mother-in-law.


One thought on “My Mother In Law

  1. Just catching up on all the posts that ended in gmail. I like this one. I never had a mother-in-law so now I am trying to be a good one for my son’s wife. I introduce her as my daughter-in-law from heaven. She is truly lovely. A good wife and a great mother and DIL to boot. 🙂

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