Mistaken Identities

It’s happened.

I knew it could.

I figured it would.

I’d kinda expected it sooner.

But I didn’t think it would be me.

Let me explain.
This is Abigail Atkins

THIS is Abigail Atkins

This Abigail, I birthed, 22 years ago. She is my daughter. She goes by Abbie, with an ‘ie’ at the end.

This Abigail, I got through marriage 3 weeks ago. She is my daughter-in-law. She goes by Abby, with a ‘y’ at the end.

In email and facebook it’s easy to tell them apart because they spell their nickname different.

Or it should be.

But this morning this happened on facebook when I updated my status to say:

Linda Tate Atkins
P90X done. I will concur this day!

Abigail Atkins:  concur = agree. conquer = (cuss word) destroy!

Linda Tate Atkins: You are correct. Wow. Abbie corrected my spelling. Thank you. I’m impressed!

Abigail Atkins: Teachers… it’s what we do…. sometimes

Linda Tate Atkins: You’re a teacher?

Abigail Atkins: You think I’m Abbie Atkins. This is Abby Atkins. “Bowie calling Bowie”.


And there we have it.  The case of mistaken identities.  Don’t get me wrong.  Abbie Atkins is smart.  She’s smart as a whip.  (origin please?) But she’s more math smart than word smart.  I was completely caught off guard that she caught my spelling error.

Once Abby helped me realize my SECOND mistake, it all made sense.  She’s a teacher.  And word smart.

So, again, in review,

This is AbbY:

and this is AbbIE:

(The review was more for me than for you)

Class dismissed.


5 thoughts on “Mistaken Identities

  1. As you say it was bound to happen sometime. When they were younger my daughter and daughter-in-law looked somewhat alike and friends would tell me that they had seen Cate (daughter) when in fact they had seen Rose (daughter-in law). So I am not surprised that you live with mistaken identities.

  2. Thank you, Dictionary.com!

    smart as a whip (I like to add, “and twice as snappy”)

    Very intelligent or clever, as in Little Brian is smart as a whip; he’s only three and already learning to read . This simile alludes to the sharp crack of a whip. [Mid-1900s] Also see mind like a steel trap. (Sounds painful)

  3. I laughed so hard when I saw this whole exchange on Facebook. The reason I was laughing is the conversation totally confused me for about 5 minutes until I figured out the whole Abbie/Abby thing 🙂

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