Five on Friday

1. I know we shouldn’t have laughed, but yesterday when Josh was coming out of the anesthesia and looking totally stoned, he was cracking us up. We walked in and with his eyes at half-mast he said, “Heyyyy. HowareYooouuuuu?” Then he kept repeating that he’d just woken up. Through the whole process of helping Abigail get him home we were all laughing. I’d say ‘poor thing’ but I think he a) rather enjoyed it, and b) doesn’t remember. Yay for free entertainment.

2. This is the picture from the wedding that caught my eye tonight for obvious reasons:

3. Rick and I were watching Parenthood the other night, and during a scene where one of the characters is being contemplative and instrospective, the music playing in the background was “It Is Well With My Soul” by Daniel Martin Moore. (I googled it)
I was so surprised to hear one of my favorite hymns on a TV show and I was so moved by his voice, I listened to his album on itunes. It’s awesome. I’m buying it.

4. I’ve now gone 3 weeks without gluten. It’s easier than I thought it would be. Except tonight, it’s Friday, we’re tired, and I really really wanted to order Tino’s Calzone for dinner. We had rotisserie chicken from The Market instead. And Yukon Gold potatos. And that’s all. Because making a salad felt like too much work tonight.

5. Two months from now, if the timing is right, we will have met our new Grandchild. If he or she is late I’ll still be looking forward to it.

It’s nice to have something to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. love it all, and so ‘crazy’ about the song video and Jay’s comment on her facebook!!
    sounds like you will have a wonderful little guest for thanksgiving!!

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