A Little Help Please

I’m having some issues with my photos and editing. Here’s the problem: Since purchasing Rick’s Toshiba laptop last month, running Windows 7, obviously, since you can’t buy one with an older operating system, I’ve started editing some of my pictures on it. I’m using Photoshop CS3 on his computer. Once I’m finished and upload to flickr or facebook (rarely facebook) and put them on my blog they look great…as long as I’m looking from Rick’s laptop. When I view them from my Mac…they look TERRIBLE! Dark, and yellowish.  I’m running Photoshop CS1 on my Mac.   I’ve checked both computers and both are calibrated and set at sRGBIEC61966.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about. I’ve edited each of these on both computers. The first of each pair is from the Toshiba, the second from my Mac.






(I cropped in a little tighter on the one above, but not the one on the Mac, but it’s the same photo)


I’m writing this post on my Mac.  I can clearly see the differences between the two of each pair.  It makes me wonder, what do my photos look like to  you?  And it makes me wonder what I am seeing on other websites and blogs; am I seeing the colors and hues the way they were meant to be seen?

From where you sit, do you see the difference in the photos?  I am welcoming any and all comments and advice.

Please, for the love of all that is good and right in this world, help me!


4 thoughts on “A Little Help Please

  1. The toshiba ones all look more golden and “sharper” the mac ones have more blue tones and not as much clarity. I am viewing in google Chrome, on a Dell computer with a Dell monitor. I will try to remember to look at them tomorrow at work and let you know how they look there as well.

  2. I’m on my ipad and I think the light shining through the glasses in the two toshiba pics look yellow vs. the light shining through the glasses on the mac pics. the bank photo I can barely see the word bank on the toshiba…yet on the mac pic I can see the word bank. Can’t be of further help though…Good luck!

  3. The images from the Toshiba are warm. The colors from the Mac have a slight cyan cast. It is a common problem. Both screens need to be calibrated to get the colors in the ball park. If you aren’t printing a lot of images you can probably get by by using a downloaded calibration target and eyeballing it as you make adjustments —if you want accuracy for prints you need to use one of the calibration devises that are out there. Color management is a whole thing—you might check out this web site —he has some good info. http://www.wattsdigital.com/
    hope this helps

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