Grandma Tate

Today would be her 97th birthday.

This terrible photo is one of my favorites.

Because it’s how I remember her.

Happy Birthday Grandma. I miss you.


6 thoughts on “Grandma Tate

  1. Thank you Linda. She looks so good and (alive) in this pic. Standing, hand on hip, apron ready for whatever. I will be glad when my memories of recent times begin to fade and in their place will be those of happy times.
    Yesterday would have been Dad’s birthday also. Born in 1910, so he would have been 101 years old…Doesn’t seem so impossible does it?

  2. I was just thinking about Grandma half an hour ago. I could never remember which day was her birthday and which was Grandpa’s. They ran together. And then Andrew’s is tomorrow.

  3. What a darling photo 🙂 Just look at all those “little darlings” around her table — what a blessing! (Blessings in disguise many times, I bet) Is that “Little Timmy” at the end facing this way?

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