She’s Back

Cheryl and I expected to arrive in LaPine to a Mom who was withdrawn and quiet. The last two or three times we’ve seen her she has become more and more, well, just not herself. And not just in person, but on the phone and in our skype sessions her chatty self has been masked by some meds she has been on. She’d become withdrawn and seemingly disinterested.

A little over a week ago they made a change in her medication and within a couple days Mom began to emerge as the person we’ve always known. As she decscribed it to us, she could actually feel herself coming back. Amazing.

Imagine our shock to get here yesterday and have her walking around the house (still with her walker, of course as physically she is still very weak) and walked out to the garage to greet us! Not only was she making an effort to move around but she engaged in conversation all evening, enjoyed our time at the fire pit, and had us laughing with her humor all evening! It’s still quite shocking today to see such a drastic change in her.

I don’t think it means anything about her illness, or how long she will be with us, but it sure means a lot about how she relates to those around her mentally and emotionally, and we are so thankful. It means a better quality of life, for not only Mom, but for Dad too. And it gives us at least this one more weekend to create memories for the future.

And because I just can’t blog without pictures, here are a couple from today:



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