Cheryl and I got to Lynnwood today at exactly 2:00 after leaving Mom and Dad’s at 6:24. Give or take.

Our trip home was so uneventful and so quick, but this weekend I missed Rick more than usual. when Cher and I take a road trip I’m always happy to get back to my husband, but this weekend I missed him so much the entire time I was gone.

He picked me up at our drop off point, after Cher and I dropped off my loaner t-mobile phone from 1989 (my phone stopped working as Rick and I were driving to my sister’s on Wednesday night), (ok, maybe not 1989, but it was a far cry from my t-mobile Google2 phone)…ANYwayyyyyy….

Rick smoked ribs today while I was traveling, and I have to say, Rick alone would have made me come home…but…

…Rick and a plate of this? Oh baby!
Mama Like.

(photos taken with my new Google2 replacement phone)


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